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January 2017. Austria’s Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) announced that its economic promotion agency ABA has been successful in attracting foreign firms to locate in the country on spite of a difficult business environment. The number of international companies setting up business operations in Austria in 2016 rose by 7,4 percent compared to the year 2015. On balance, 319 international companies established operations in, an all-time high in the 35-year history of ABA. The total investment volume arising from these projects amounted to EURO 705,22 million. This figure comprises an increase of 42 percent. On balance, a total of 2.622 new jobs were created (2.613 in the previous year).

116 business location projects in 2016, comprising a 13 percent increase from the previous year, originated in Germany, the traditionally strongest investor nation. Interest on the part of Chinese companies is also rising sharply. Twelve Chinese firms set up business operations in Austria in 2016 with the support of ABA, compared to seven in 2015. Some 70 companies, or one-fifth of all ABA investment projects, came from CEE/SEE countries.

At present ABA (Invest in Austria) is providing professional support to a total of 754 international companies with a specific interest in setting up business operations in Austria. Compared to January 2016 the number remained stable (755 in the year 2015).

Source: Austrian Business Agency 

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