(C) Ignitia 2017 - Ignitia AB / Ignitia Ghana Ltd Milestones 2010-2018Ignitia: Direct tropical weather forecasts to mitigate farmers’ climate risks

We provide hyper-local weather updates, via SMS, based on GPS location. Ignitia began as a research project to understand the differences in tropical weather events and create a model to more accurately predict them. With an accuracy of 84%, our forecasts are more than twice as accurate as global producers.

Since 2015, we have worked closely with small-scale farmers to provide them with reliable forecasts, to reduce risk and loss. We send daily, monthly and seasonal rain forecasts to help farmers avoid adverse impacts of an ever changing climate.

Ignitia is designed so that individuals can subscribe, or organizations can purchase forecasts in bulk for their constituents. We can work with industries across the globe that are affected by weather variability in the tropics.

Source: Ignitia AB 

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