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January 2018. The British BioIndustry Association (BIA) and Informa Pharma Intelligence published a report Pipeline Progressing: the UK’s global bioscience cluster in 2017  1)  which shows that the UK has the strongest clinical and preclinical pipeline in Europe. It also shows that more UK biotech companies are maturing and moving through the financing life cycle, with UK biotech company IPOs raising more than twice as much money in 2017 than in 2016.

Key statistics from Report© Informa pharma intelligence 2018 life science industry Europe VC raised 2017
• The UK has the strongest pipeline in Europe across all preclinical and clinical stages, with 351 preclinical products, 43 phase I, 70 phase II and 15 phase III
• UK biotech company IPOs raised more than twice as much money in 2017 (£234m) than in 2016 (£105m)
• UK biotech raised more on the public markets than in venture capital as UK companies matured and progressed through the funding lifecycle with £515m raised in venture capital, £234m raised in IPOs and £452m raised in follow on funding
• LSE’s Main Market has seen major indirect investment through vehicles that fund the biopharma sector including Arix Bioscience (£113m) and Biopharma Credit (£606m)
• The 2017 IPO listings on Nasdaq (NuCana plc, Nightstar Therapeutics and Verona) show that there is global demand for UK biotech companies

Stephen N. Bates, CEO of BIA is pleased to see “the UK biotech ecosystem to produce fantastic science that attracts talent and funding from across the globe.  There is money to be made as this pipeline develops. The Patient Capital Review  2)  means 2018 is the year UK pension funds will be nudged into backing this key sector of the future UK economy." The author of the report, John Hodgson brought some encouragement to the British life science industry: "Despite Brexit, UK biopharma investment is internationalising. London's markets provide cash for biotech globally, UK biotechs access international money, and venture capital has migrated upstream."


References added by B2Bioworld
Hodgson (2018): Pipeline Progressing: The UK’s Global Bioscience Cluster in 2017. London, January 25: UK BioIndustry Association / Informa Pharma Intelligence

2) UK Treasury (2017): Terms of Reference for the Patient Capital Review. London, November 22: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/patient-capital-review/terms-of-reference-for-the-patient-capital-review

Source: UK BioIndustry Association / Informa 

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