(C) memetis 2017 foil-based shape memory alloy deviceFoil-based SMA actuators for microfluidics
in automotive, aviation, or medical industries

memetis develops foil-based miniature actuators from shape memory alloys (SMA). These SMA Miniature actuators are used in a variety of industries. In automotive, testing equipment manufacturing and aerospace as well as medical technology and bio analytics.

Foil-based SMA miniature actuators enable high switching forces with better integration capacities and greater flexibility compared to available, wire-based solutions. They work with high forces in a small space – even the smallest actuators achieve performance characteristics of conventional actuators, which have dimensions that are a factor of 2-5

Low switching times
Extremely thin foils, and a l arge surface-to-volume ratio which achieve very low switching times.

Customizable designs
The simple and stable designs adaptable to specific market and customer requirements, even complex structures, such as multi-dimensional actuators are offered.

Competitive manufacturing
The novel memetis process and selected materials allow the manufacturing of competitive SMA miniature actuators.

Biocompatible & low fatigue
The materials used are suitable for use in medical technology or biotechnology. If requirements are particularly stringent, low fatigue materials with significantly increased operating times (>10 million switching cycles) can be used.

Silent operation
Shape memory alloys actuators enable silent operation. This allows its usage in application fields that are characterized by increased noise sensitivity.

Source: memetis GmbH 

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