Playing Putin's Game?

© B2Bioworld 2022August 2022. VBCI, the Bavarian Section of German Chemical Industry Association VCI calls for State support to nuclear energy at a time when sustainable solutions are sought. VBCI is lobbying for those which have been in favour of nuclear power for years and engages for those who betted on sitting out German energy transformation. Demands to re-animate nuclear power plants which are set to be withdrawn from the grid at the end of 2022 meet with cheap tactics of Bavarian politicians who seek to exonerate themselves by opposing the current Federal government.

Who consumes which energy for what in Bavaria? Why is BASF late, and Merck contradicting lobby moaning of gas shortages in production? Read how Roland Weigert, state secretary of Bavaria’s Economy Ministry and other key politicians explain doubts away about allegiance of voters to their nuclear plans.

B2Bioworld analyses lobbying tactics, technical arguments of energy generation and consumption in Bavaria beyond examples of wind power, the Reallabor Darmstadt (Hesse, DE). Read about unexpected difficulties of French nuclear power operators, unsafe operations, and insecure supplies, and how immediate energy needs are met even in Bavaria.Reading time: 20 min

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