UK Chemical Industries’ Lessons from the Recession

April 2011. The chemicals industry in the UK is coming out of some quite difficult times. How sustainable is recovery? In the interview with B2Bioworld John Saul, President of the British Chemical Industries Association provides an outlook on the future of the country’s sector leveraging Pound, Dollar and Euro, while seeking opportunities within the country, in the EU, and emerging countries. Demanding tasks lie ahead. While pharma is the draught horse of the UK chemicals industry, how competitive is the rest of it on a global scale? What is the strategy to reduce dependency on fossil energies and in which ways does it account for nuclear or renewable ones? How is REACH regulations viewed from within the country? Last not least, what are prospects that policy makers coherently attend to industry interests given a rather fragmented scene of lobbying organisations and preferences for the finance and banking sector?Reading time: 13 min

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