Straight talking to MECA countries

Enough promises of governance or anti-corruption / Georgia as model?

January 2021. Public management of natural resources and agriculture is often opaque. This is particularly true for 31 MECA countries. Major international organisations and donor states increase the political pressure to deliver on promises and spend funds more efficiently. IMF and OECD take a lead. They sound a new note. Established recipes and models for economic development and market information like those of FAO or AMIS are on the test bench.

B2Bioworld resumes the issues. What are expectations, and how easy is it, doing business in MECA countries? What are the roles of agriculture and digital tools in economic recovery? How do Western countries and regions increase competitiveness and growth? The East-West corridor of the Caucasus and Central Asia are of particular interest, especially Georgia.Reading time: 23 min

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