Clariant: Günter von Au expected to succeed Hariolf Kottmann

February 2021. The Chairman of the Board Hariolf Kottmann has informed the Board of Directors in an extraordinary meeting that he will no longer be a candidate for a Member of the Board of Directors nor for the office of Chairman at the upcoming 26th Annual General Meeting in April 2021. Against this background and after intensive discussions, the members of the Board of Directors of Clariant unanimously suggest to the shareholders Günter von Au to be elected as new Chairman of the Board of Directors. Günter von Au has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2012 and acted as Vice Chairman from 2012 to 2018.

By agreeing to the agenda items of the Board of Directors, the anchor shareholder SABIC withdraws its own proposals for the agenda of the Annual General Meeting, which it sent to the Company at the end of December 2020. These included a special dividend distribution to the shareholders of an amount up to CHF 2.00 per share and the amendment of article 20 of the articles of association – introduction of a time limit of 12 years for members of the Board of Directors including the Chairperson. Instead, the requested inclusion of the 12-year period will be anchored in the Bylaws of the Board of Directors.

Source: Clariant International AG

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