Eppendorf Renews Founding Sponsorship with LabCentral

March 2024. •    The Eppendorf Group and LabCentral have renewed their decade-long relationship for an additional five years.
•    Strategically placed Eppendorf equipment and consumables at LabCentral enables reliable results for startups, contributing to scientific milestones to being reached quicker.

LabCentral is a community of entrepreneurs and scientists dedicated to creating the next generation of groundbreaking science and technology. The Eppendorf Group is a leading life science company that develops, produces, and distributes systems for use in laboratories around the world. Through the partnership, the Eppendorf Group provides a range of equipment, including freezers, shakers, incubators, cyclers, centrifuges, automation, bioprocess, and pipettes, placed within LabCentral's shared facilities. This provides startups immediate access to high quality instrumentation, ensuring they can run experiments day one of residency.

LabCentral is home to more than 100 companies ranging from a single employee to teams of 30 or more. It occupies six sites in Massachusetts, USA, continually expanding and creating 5,800 new jobs since being established in 2013.

"Eppendorf is proud to continue its relationship as a Founding Sponsor with LabCentral, empowering researchers to make groundbreaking discoveries", says Dennis Barger, President Market Region Americas, Eppendorf.

Source: Eppendorf SE

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