Calling Innovators in Printed Electronics: OE-A Competition 2025

  • The OE-A is on the lookout for inventors, creators, and designers.
  • The OE-A Competition 2025 is now open for submissions, seeking new products, prototypes, and designs in the realm of flexible, organic, and printed electronics.
  • All entries will be showcased at LOPEC 2025 and beyond.

Companies and institutes are invited to participate in one or more of competition in three categories: "Prototypes & New Products", "Freestyle Demonstrator", and "Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator." An international panel of judges from renowned companies and institutes will evaluate the submissions. OE-A members must submit their application forms by October 11, 2024, and the final demonstrators by January 20, 2025.

Participating in the OE-A Competition provides visibility for all entrants. All products and demonstrators will be presented to the international community from February 25-27 at LOPEC 2025. Winners will have special moment when they receive their awards during the official LOPEC Award Show. OE-A will also showcase all demonstrators year-round at and support the competition with press and social media coverage.

Additionally, OE-A organizes a web seminar for all winners to present their products to the printed electronics
community. For detailed information turn to O-EA.

Source: Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagen (VDMA), Organic and Printing Electronic Association (O-EA)

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