Spectaris: Hello LADS

December 2023. Spectaris, the German industry association for Optics, Photonics, Analytical and Medical Technologies is promoting the standardisation of data interfaces in laboratories. LADS™, Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard. This is a trademark-protected information model specified and will be defined into an Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) using respective constructs for the purpose of exposing information for selected high-level use-cases including monitoring & control, notification, program & result management, asset management and maintenance to OPC UA applications.

The Spectaris working group in charge, which includes association members of instrument manufacturers like Eppendorf, Lauda, Sartorius, SchmidtHaensch or Waters developed typical use cases for the first version (OPC 30500-1) for the last four years. The German association cooperated with Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauer (VDMA), and chose OPC Unified Architecture, because it offers the best framework for networking devices, systems and processes in the laboratory. The standard defines the service-oriented basic framework, while domain-specific extensions are defined in so-called “companion specifications”.

Source: Spectaris e.V.

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