WIPO Proof: New Business Service

May 2020. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched a new online business service, WIPO PROOF, that provides tamper-proof evidence of the existence at a point in time of any digital file, including data sets, in any format.

Innovative and creative activities in today’s increasingly digitized world are often global and collaborative, producing a vast array of data files containing valuable content that can easily fall prey to misuse or misappropriation. This content can range from trade secrets to scripts, musical scores and other creative works, to research results, large data sets, artificial intelligence algorithms, or any business record.

All of these should be treated as intellectual assets and be independently and securely documented at every stage of development, regardless of whether they eventually become formal IP rights. WIPO PROOF provides an efficient tool for creating evidence of the existence of an asset's digital files at each specific point in time, helping mitigate the risk of future legal disputes, as well as laying a foundation for any eventual registration of a formal IP right.

Source: World Intellectual Property Organization

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