Krones: Opportunities in Emerging Markets and Managing Volatile Environments

October 2022. Krones shows resilience to adverse business conditions. As its global peers (e.g. SIDEL/Tetra Laval; TB-Tauris / IMA Dairy & Food; GASTI Verpackungsmaschinen) or national competitors (e.g. Guangzhou Tech-Long; Harro Höfliger, Suzhou Hengyihui Tech) Krones is affected by Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, the gas squeeze, supply chain shortages, volatile prices, or political instability in Africa, Latin America, the United States, and even Europe. Despite these challenges management is not complaining, asking for public financial support, or screaming for nuclear energy as many others.

B2Bioworld asked Christoph Klenk, CEO of the Krones Group, why, and with what strategies the company counters current threats and wants to grow. Who will be first served given a substantial backlog of orders? How to deal with corruption, for example in Brazil? Is there a dwindling interest in the China business? What about recruitment in Eastern Europe? Why the African Continental Free Trade Area, Mercosur, or USMCA (NAFTA) are of secondary importance.

Includes detailed data about Krones companies in different parts of the world, regional revenues and employees, and other background.Reading time: 16 min

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