Steering Health Data For or By?

January 2018. “Big data” has been a buzz word in healthcare industries for a number of years. Prof. Szucs, Chairman of Swiss Helsana AG has been dealing with it from many different angles: be it as physician in medical care, in pharma, academic teaching and research, in consulting, lobbying, or of course, as individual recipient of healthcare. He knows to winnow the real assets from advertisement blah-blah about big data, and he puts this knowledge to work. At issue is the management of fleeting roles of participants in healthcare.

In the interview with B2Bioworld Tomas Szucs shares his experience, addresses challenges which even a big, data-driven insurer is unable to tackle on its own, and suggests the way forward. Insurers like the rest of the healthcare industry have to cope with the upcoming profound change in the system, but they also must do their duties.Reading time: 17 min

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