Stefan Oschmann

Philanthropy re-visited: Merck’s focus on Africa

August 2018. In recent years Merck has been significantly stepping up its engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa. Focus on neglected tropical diseases or drug donation programs are but two building blocks. What other diseases are relevant? A conversation about a longer term strategy which aims at creating win-win results for regional healthcare systems, patients, Western pharma industry objectives, as well as Merck’s own profitability. Stefan Oschmann, Chairman of the Executive Board Merck KGaA answers B2Bioworld’s questions in direct conversation. Includes prospects of African scientists to participate in the company’s Future Insight Prize programme. In addition, B2Bioworld offers independent background to interested readers such as prevalence of neglected diseases in Africa, expropriation of German chemical companies in the U.S. during World War I, Pharma performance Access to Medicines, or name list of key participants to the London Declaration on Neglected Diseases 2012.Reading time: 12 min

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