Prospecting and Monitoring Distributors in Iran

September 2017 / updated May 2020. Iran is an interesting country for selling diagnostics tests. In times of countering sanctions with the doctrine of “resistance” economy (اقتصاد مقاومتی به) medical needs are arguably high for reliable medical devices and ivd diagnostics. A sizable number of better-off patients in the Islamic Republic are looking for laboratory testing or medical care which meets higher standards than the products available in the local markets. An often overlooked obstacle to access attractive market and dealing with ever-present theocratic interventions into everyday business is the choice of the importing distributor. Korean Seegene is one of those companies seizing opportunities and growing in a difficult market.

B2Bioworld asked one of Seegene's business advisers for expansion to Iran what should be considered, when prospecting and monitoring Persian dealers with the remit to distribute and sell diagnostic tests.Reading time: 10 min

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