Industrial Bioscience: Solutions Marketing Never Dreamt of…

November 2013. Agrochemical and seed companies have long thought of themselves as ‘spider in the web’. Today downstream customers like wholesalers, manufacturers of agro-equipment, or insurers have a much greater say, if and which of many innovations in bioscience reach the farming sector. How does such an eco-system affect strategy and day-to-day operations of Bayer CropScience? David Nicholson, formerly in the pharmaceutical industry and Head of R&D Bayer CropScience offers fresh insight and a substantiated assessment of what the company’s mid-term future might look like.

Includes a comment on how Bayer's ecosystem is changing with regard to applying herbicides and other agrochemicals, and why a pharma professional might be a good choice to innovate CropScience.Reading time: 9 min

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