E-mobility and more: Resolving the Innovation Paradox

March 2012. How is the innovation paradox (Georges Haour) resolved? In the interview with B2Bioworld Günter von Au, Board Member of Clariant and former CEO of Süd-Chemie explains the stakes within the chemicals industry. An example is forging new Clariant. Mr. von Au provides fresh background to the trade sale of Süd-Chemie. Süd-Chemie had a global company network and owned a very attractive R&D portfolio of clean technologies – ethanol but not biobutanol, novel battery technologies based on IP of Canadian Phostech Lithium, and others. How does this impact Clariant’s way forward?

What is the strategy in 2nd generation biofuels and why not biobutanol? What are the lessons from failed CHOREN? How can Clariant benefit from demand for electro-mobility outside the automotive industry? What about textile chemistry? In which markets proprietary battery technologies, for example those based on IP of Canadian Phostech Lithium and its partners, will be most competitive? Is DESERTEC an opportunity? How dependent is market success on government subsidies and a policy turn to renewable energies? Günter von Au takes time to explain in detail what is at stake and outlines his personal plans once resigning his chairmanship.Reading time: 18 min

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