Alain Aspect, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2022

French scientist Alain Aspect is a pioneer of the second quantum revolution. Core insights of quantum physics have been fertilising other disciplines in recent times. Systems biology, neuroscience, and bioinformatics are two prominent examples. His work has been enabling advances in information processing of which Google’s Sycamore is a practical application example.

Professor Aspect granted B2Bioworld an interview at a time when only a small community followed his path and few outside recognised his achievements at the occasion of the award of the Balzan Prize in the Swiss Parliament (updated October 2022). He explains the core concept of quantum optics, warns of pitfalls in experimental translation, and describes felicity conditions of pluridisciplinary dialogue at the interfaces of diverse sciences: Physics <> Information <> Biology.. Includes photo of the experimental setup at his Laboratoire Charkles Fabry at Paris.

B2Bioworld congratulates Pr. Aspect for this long-awaited and outstanding recognition of his contributions to science.Reading time: 14 min

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