GAIA-X: Thorny Path to Live Up to High Hopes

June 2021. The European initiative targets a distributed infrastructure, but how vulnerable is the project to centralised private or state-directed “hyperscalers”? Why data sovereignty is more than cybersecurity, and how artificial intelligence is not living up to encryption demand even with Intel or AMD’s hardware. GAIA-X is already challenged by US-led Eclipse Foundation which recently beefed up its European presence and became a member of GAIA-X. How viable are business models associated with the new project? Which “autonomy” will ecosystems have and what is the freedom to operate for national “hubs”? What about the UK, today a third country party? Why is Italy late to join?

Answers are critical to assess prospects of implementing a distributed network (including Deutsche Telekom, HPE, Orange, SAP, or Siemens), to identify the Achilles’ heel of GAIA-X as well as evaluating ongoing counterstrategies of centralised platform operators like Alibaba, AWS, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others.

B2Bioworld talked to Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO, Pierre Gronlier, CTO, and Olivier Senot, Communications Officer of GAIA-X. The interview is complemented with an analysis by B2Bioworld of worldwide platforms, competing consortia, and membership details.Reading time: 29 min

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