Siemens-Stiftung: Resources for Homeschooling

March 2020. Siemens-Stiftung calls attention to its media portal for STEM education. In a time of severely restricted public mobility and shutdown of schools due to corona virus pandemic homeschooling is a viable alternative for which the foundation’s portal offers more than 4,000 OER  *) multimedia materials for online teaching and learning. The materials are available in several languages and proven for digital courses arranged for teachers and students. In addition Siemens-Stiftung provides didactic advice, and ideas for applying different teaching methods though these are mainly in German. The media portal is accessible here.

Siemens-Stiftung is an international foundation incorporated under the German civil code with an endowment of €390m. It is engaged promoting high-quality education as well as understanding of culture with a geographical focus on Europe, Africa and Latin America. Karolin Timm-Wachter / English text WK


+) OER stands for Open Educational Resources. A useful introduction has been compiled by Lou McGill available here.

Source: Siemens-Stiftung

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