Opening up Emerging Markets for Rapid Diagnostics and Point-of-Care Assays

August 2018. The typical product development approach for rapid diagnostics will not satisfy business expectations: target industrialised countries first and cover R&D cost, launch it in low-income countries, and strip it to essential functions in order to offer a low-cost product.

David Dolinger is a veteran in the molecular di¬agnostics industry and NGO arena. He shares first-hand experience and insights with B2Bioworld’s readers and suggests a more promising approach to do business in emerging markets. What about human genetic diagnostics, or privacy? Which standards or regulations to follow? How matching design with pricing strategy?

Do’s and don’ts in designing technology platforms for diagnostics or developing point-of-care assays, and bringing these to low resource countries. Not just for medical purposes but including other applications such as in agriculture or food safety. Updated Epidemiology, Emerging Countries Classifications, May 2020.Reading time: 23 min

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