Future Lab Work: Designing and Testing Environments

June 2019. How can the physical environment be profitably re-configured to offer more choice, flexibility, speed-up and reduce costs for laboratory users? At issue is more freedom for users to be creative and better adapt resources to their particular needs. Digitisation is a building block, but not a panacea as Sascha Beutel shows in the interview with B2Bioworld. He is Professor of Chemistry, Deputy Head of Institut für Technische Chemie (TCI) at Universität Hannover, Germany, and has been also in charge of managing laboratory safety, hazardous materials and waste for the entire university.

Sascha Beutel, his team at TCI, and industry partners of an open innovation consortium have been exploring, testing, and designing furnishings and technologies which are promising to sustain laboratory work near- to mid-term. For more than five years and with support by Deutsche Messe and the Land of Lower Saxony TCI has even installed pilot environments called “Smartlab”, which are publicly accessible for critical appraisal by a knowledgeable audience of lab users.

Read an in-depth interview by B2Bioworld about keeping critical distance to sponsors and advertising events, umasking pompous tech claims, for example about wonder worlds of “Augmented Reality” with data goggles. How can you thwart vendors’ strategies to tie down users to their instrument “systems”? Learn how to deal in open innovation consortia with industry partners who are bogarting team work, or get a flavour of inventive design and testing ongoing at TCI Hannover.Reading time: 21 min

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