(C) B2Bioworld 2009 - Harboes Bryggeri A/S Clim8 BeerHarboes Brewery places a bet on genetically engineered enzymes and eco-emotions

September 2009. Unknown to most consumers and dissimulated by marketing Western brewers have been adopting modern biotechnological products and processes for a number of years following their Asian counterparts (e.g. Japanese Hayashibara or Kirin).

Stock-quoted Danish Harboes Bryggeri is one of the very few to drop its guard in Europe. The brewer led by German-born Bernd Griese (see photo) announced publicly to use genetically engineered microbial enzymes to substitute malt with barley. Unlike competitors calling themselves eco-friendly, the Danish-German brewer claims its new drink to save 8g CO2 per unit. Others from the industry are vigourously contesting that. Form your own opinion. Know objections. Read the details

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- Includes chart: CO2-savings per ton of malt replaced by barley; financials Harboes Group 2008/2009

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