(C) B2Bioworld 2009 - dairy cow AppenzellHuffs and Bluffs in the Dairy Industry
- Dairy Cattle as Bioreactor

The world has come a long way from the days when milk was coldly described as “the unmodified secretion of the udder obtained by daily milking”. If nothing else, the claim “modified” would need close scrutiny; economics and marketing dictate that high-tech processing is applied to practically all dairy products long before they appear on supermarket shelves.


(C) Wolf G Kroner 2009 - Helmut Maucher, NestléAs September 2009 sees the highly-influential International Dairy Federation gearing up for its annual conference in Berlin – capital of Europe’s largest diary-producing nation - B2Bioworld thought the moment ripe to review the industry.Read what Helmut Maucher, former CEO of Nestlé has to say. Andrew Craven / Wolf G Kroner



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