(C) B2Bioworld 2012 - Joerg RiesmeierCash in Agbio and Food Markets

-Jörg Riesmeier, Direvo Industrial’s New COO on
near- to mid-term strategies

May 2010. After the bounty trade sale of Direvo’s pharmaceutical business line to Bayer Schering for €210m in 2008, investors hope to repeat such a profitable exit with remaining assets. Beginning 2010 shareholders pumped €6m into Direvo Industrial to bring them faster toward this goal. The firm’s pipeline offers attractive candidates, but will it have resources to turn these into products? Moreover, near-to-market developments have to be commercialised in agbio and food markets, both known not to lend itself to the pharma business model which management has successfully applied in the past. Jörg Riesmeier is expected to manage transition and position Direvo in rather unfamiliar markets against established biotech suppliers. In an updated interview the new COO describes to B2Bioworld his near- and mid-term strategies. Included in-house comparisons by Direvo of mannanase and phytase competitor products.

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