(C) MAPEI 2010 - Giorgio Marco Squinzi a Calaterra 23-11-2009Fighting Crisis in the Chemicals Industry !

June 2010. Italy’s economy has to fight crisis and the country’s chemicals industry might well serve as an example how to foster growth. Giorgio Squinzi, newly elected President of Confindustria outlined the way forward in May 2012. While echoing his propositions as president of Federchimica at the time of B2Bioworld’s interview, Mr. Squinzi will impact Confindustria’s course beyond demands of tax reform, reducing administrative burden, or improved aligning national policies with those of EU during his term until 2016.

In the article published by B2Bioworld in June 2010, Giorgio Squinzi already described ways out of recession albeit limited to the Italian chemicals industry. In order to shape the economic future and foster growth one need to think out of the box. You have to change intransigent convictions such as traditional industries cannot be truly innovative. The construction industry is an example in kind. As CEO of Mapei SpA, Mr. Squinzi shares his insights about the evolution of construction chemicals, the role of R&D (including: biotechnology), and attractive markets outside the EU, in particular the Middle East. updated 15-09-2015

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