(C) BRIMS 2010 Mass Spectrometry Unit MassachusettsThermo Fisher’s BRIMS-Strategy
under Testing

Coping with Customers’ Response to Divide and Conquer Tactics of Mass Spec-Manufacturers

July 2010. Divide customers and Conquer marketswon’t work any more to drive up sales, increase returns, or outbeat competitors in mass spectrometry. Research has been changing from vertical, in-house R&D to open innovation. Customers increasingly criticize mass spectrometry manufactures to misuse their market position or sell products with in-built barriers to swift data exchange among researchers across organisations. ThermoFisher set up BRIMS (Biomarker Research in Mass Spectrometry) in order to counter risks of scaring research customers away which they need to co-develop products, for example in the field of personalised cancer care.

Read about the unit, details of its staff, and criticisms of manufacturers as well as recommendations for improving mass spectrometers by experts from US Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) or the NIH Cancer Proteomic Technologies Consortium. A divide and conquer approach won’t work anymore.

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