(C) Wolf G Kroner 2010 - Timur ErkRe-building Turkey’s chemicals industry

Strengths and Weaknesses – Opportunities and Threats


September 2010. What makes Turkey’s chemicals industry more competitive beyond drivelling speeches? How should current petrochemical projects be assessed at Izmir, Adana-Ceyhan and in other parts of the country? Then, what are roles for biosimilars? How could domestic research in nanotechnology and biotechnology contribute to modernisation of the industry sector. Timur Erk, President of TKSD, the Turkish Chemical Industry Association offers an unvarnished look at weaknesses of the draught horse for the country’s economy. In the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld he is discussing sensitive issues of state aids, unregistered trading, and hazardous waste treatment. There are real threats, but also opportunities for those who learn their lesson.


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