(C) B2Bioworld 2010Turkey’s Chemicals Industry in Search of Modernisation

Major Uncertainties Cloud Key Infrastructure Projects

September 2010. Nearly half of Turkey’s chemicals exports go to the European Union. While the country’s manufacturers strive to match REACH requirements they are re-structuring their business and look for other markets outside the EU.

Key infrastructure projects have been announced in particular in the petrochemical segment in order to boost the industry’s competitiveness. A discussion of industry data and comments provided exclusively to B2Bioworld by officers of Azerbaijan’s SOCAR, Dow Chemicals and the Turkish chemicals industry. Looking back in 2013, uncertainties mentioned at the time persist.

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- Includes economic key data on Turkey’s chemicals industry (e.g. comparison to competitor countries; sales 2008; development 2002 – 2008; oil imports by origin 2007 – 2009; exports-imports chemical goods. Discussion of national REACH initiatives

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