(C) ИШарова 2010 - left to right: Vladimir Popov, Manfred Kircher, Christian PatermannCLIB2021 in Russia:
What is possible with hosting an(other) outpost?

Vladimir Popov, Director A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry on hosting CLIB 2021 at Moscow

September 2010. Biotechnology is not very high on Russia’s national agenda. Since 2009 industrial and research policies mark up support to medical technologies, as well as nuclear, space, and IT ones. The German CLIB2021 is dedicated to industrial biotechnology in both senses: addressed to processing of chemicals, and to commercialise technical-scientific know-how in the academic world. B2Bioworld asked Professor Vladimir Popov, Director of A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry and Head of the European Union’s Russian National Contact Point on FP7 Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Food, what is at stake when hosting CLIB 2021’s office at Moscow.

Москва, 09-2010. CLIB 2021, немецкая ассоциация промышленной биотехнологии, открыла свой офис в институте биохимии им.А.Н.Баха. Что ожидают представители немецкой ассоциации? Какие преимущества планирует получить российская сторона? Об этом B2Bioworld спросил профессора Владимира Попова, директора института биохимии им. А. Н. Баха. Статья на английском языке.

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