(C) Wolf G Kroner 2010 - Prof. Valdimir O.Popov - Владимир Олегович ПоповProspects of Enzyme Engineering and Biofuels Markets in Russia

October 2010. Despite its roadmap БиоТех2030 (BioTech 2030) Russia’s interest is rather reduced to engage in renewables. B2Bioworld asked Vladimir Popov, Director of the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Biochemistry (А.Н.Баха) at Moscow, if official disinterest will continue. Prof. Popov who is the country’s EU liaison person describes plans in enzyme engineering (e.g. biobutanol) and shares his assessment of how Russia might create a market for renewable energy from specific biomass sources.


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- Includes example of Volkswagen run on Bio-Butanol, and information on Russian ABE facility in the 1950s

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