(C) NATECO CO2 2011 - haematococcus pluvialisExtraction of Nutraceutical Components from Algae using Supercritical CO2

During food processing organic or inorganic liquids are conventionally used for separation purposes. If supercritical CO2 extraction is applied as alternative at industrial scale, details of processing are critically important to preserve functional properties of the ingredients, for example carotenoids in nutritional products or dietary supplements. The authors describe algae species which they find best suited for carotenoid extraction and their experience with extraction from sensitive biomass at different pressures with varying outcomes of supercritical CO2 extraction.

Authors work with Barth-Haas Group which supplies brewing and nutrition industries. Article revised and improved after double-blind peer review.

Citation Reference
Igl-Schmid N, Schulmeyr J, Wuzik A (2011): Extraction of Nutraceutical Components from Algae using Supercritical CO2. Published online, March: B2Bioworld.com

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