(C) IPL 2011 - Pr Philippe AmouyelEurofins helps Pasteur de Lille out of the doldrums

Caroline Rothschild, Wolf G Kroner

November 2011. The foundation has to share command, but it retains controls of its majority shareholder. An unmasked account of Institut Pasteur de Lille’s past failures and an assessment of the transaction including comments by Gilles Martin, CEO of Eurofins, with regard to the financial value of the deal, and caveats when relaunching the analytic services business of a "not for profit"-organisation.


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Editor's Note

In the wake of the IPL’s financial turbulences Philippe Amouyel had to resign from his post of Director General on 15 November 2011. He stays with Pasteur de Lille in his function as Director of the mixed research unit INSERM 744 and University Lille 2 (Public Health and Molecular Epidemiology of Age-related Diseases). As part of the Strategic Research Committee he continues to shape IPL’s course. ed

Updated 15/11/2011 and 20/12/2013

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