(C) Wolf G Kroner 2012 - Peter Durkee MeldrumThe Myriad Way

March 2012. Myriad Genetics’ offerings are contentious, in particularly when it comes to patent protection of genes. Once in Europe, today in the U.S. scientific societies or NGOs attack the company and its services. In the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld, Peter Meldrum, at the time CEO and co-founder of the Utah-based company describes expansion plans with biomarker services. He takes a stand on clinical DNA chips, and answers reproaches of patenting human genes, blocking scientific research, or pursuing a strangling licence policy for those laboratories willing to make breast cancer or colon carcinoma tests more widely available to patients.

July 2015. After more than 24 years Mr. Meldrum retired June 30, 2015. However he continues to have his say in the company as non-employed consultant, and the issues talked about in the interview are still shaping hhis company's path forward. Accroding to B2Bioworld's information Mr.. Meldrum also continues in a US venture capital company. ed.

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