(C) Coriell Institute 2012 - Dr Michael ChristmanPatient-centered Precision Care
Turning research on human genotyping into healthcare routines

December 2012. What are near-term prospects of personalized medicine. In recent years genomic medicine – genetic diagnostics, biological drugs, and respective treatments – has been advancing on technological and organisational levels. However notable shortcomings persist.

While molecular technologies regularly inform routine medical decisions today, at least in larger clinical laboratories or academic health centres, there is a distinct lack of institutionalisation. In practice most applications and treatments based on genotyping continue to be labelled “for research use”. This typically translates into a legal disclaimer, falls short of educating physicians, or results in costly redundancies in healthcare. In the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld Dr Michael Christman, President of the Coriell Institute for Medical Research at Camden, New Jersey (US), talks about some tricky issues of turning research on genotyping into healthcare routines.

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