cotton DNA (C) BCS 2013TALEs, Zinc Fingers, or Meganucleases:
A Practice View from Crop Research and Breeding

May 2013. While agro-infiltration techniques are getting on thirty years, novel molecular biological methods allow plant engineering with yet unknown surgical precision. These avoid imprecisions and undesired mutations caused by radioactive irradiation which is still standard in conventional plant breeding. How can this new genome editing speed up crop development to market? How do companies cope with licencing restrictions of applications? Will there be an impact on the trench warfare between defenders and detractors of GM-crops? Johan Botterman, Head of Product Research Bayer CropScience NV shares his professional experience and opinion in the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld.


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- Includes details on the site at Technologiepark Zwijnaarde, Belgium, and Wakasa Wan Energy's irradiation facility in Japan

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