Yamaha’s Flex-Fuel Criss-Crosser
- Brazilian DNA to Re-program Honda Moto

April 2014. Yamaha launches its own version of flex-fuel motorcycle in the Brazilian market exactly five years after Honda introduced the first ethanol-powered bike worldwide here. Why does Yamaha arrive late? What are the prospects of a Me-too motorcycle at a higher price? Includes an analysis of Brazil’s motorcycle market 2008 to 2013 (compared to other transport vehicles), and a tour de ronde passing DAFRA, TRAXX, Suzuki, Brasil & Movimento, Kasinski, Harley Davidson and others. A view on internal combustion engines adjusted to ethanol mixes with an outlook to BMW’s technology route.

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Article free of advertisement - 6 pages
- Includes a discussion of flex-fuel technology development; statistics on Brazil’s transport vehicles by energy source 2013; development of the motorcycle market with shares of manufacturers 2008 to 2013; a comparison of technical specifications between two Brazilian flex-fuel bikes.

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