(C) NanoMiPu 2014 - Courtesy Prof. Martin HoffmannDiagnostic Microfluidics: Sample In – Results Out?

Disassembling liquid handling automation: An inside view on electrowetting in blood diagnostics and other microfluidic applications. Tecan’s current R&D in this field and crucial differences to competitors like Advanced Liquid Logics (Illumina), Nugen Technologies, Covaris, or Cytonix acquired by Life Technologies. Glass, silicone, plastics, or paper? What material is best for clinical microfluidics. Why not acoustic wave technology? Candid answers to probing questions by Marc N. Feiglin, Chief Technology Officer Life Sciences at Tecan* in the exclusive interview with B2Bioworld.

* Editor's Note: Marc Feiglin has left Tecan in November 2014. Since last June he heads Technology Acquisition for Cell Science in INTER-LAB Ltd. at Yavne (IL). INTER-LAB is part of Merck Serono Ltd. (Merck KGaA).


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