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June 2016. Mexican Reyes Brambila Family sold a majority stake in its woodworking show Magna ExpoMueblera to Deutsche Messe AG (DMAG) but will continue to operate it. Last January the show claimed about 400 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors on 30,000 (presumably gross) m2 at the Centro Banamex in the nation’s capital. With 22 editions the annual trade fair is well established in the Mexican Market. For DMAG the acquisition is a further building block in its strategy to draw in to its satellite shows and channel it to its bi-annual LIGNA trade fair at Hannover. According to the latest certified (AUMA) figures LIGNA 2013 received 1,548 exhibitors (foreign: 52%) and 89,857 visitors (foreign: 37%) on 123,197 m2 of net exhibition space.

Alejandro Reyes Brambila established his Magna ExpoMueblera to run against ExpoMuebles founded in 1982 by Asociación de Fabricantes de Muebles de Jalisco, A.C (Afamjal) in his home town of Guadalajara. In 1994 Juan Manuel Reyes Brambila took over and grew the umbrella company «Corporativo Ediciones y Exposiciones». The media division, which includes Divulgación Editorial S.A., offers graphics as well as PR services, and publishes special interest journals in the furniture sector (e.g. “NotiMueble”). While the events business (also named “Grupo Serviexpo”) did fairly well, the furniture show remained second to Afamjal’s Expo Mueble Internacional Invierno. According to the association its latest show in Februaury drew more than 500 exhibitors on 57,000 m2 and 12,000 visitors to Guadalajara’s exposition grounds, just one month after Magna ExpoMuebleras in Mexico City. Moreover other furniture associations have also been starting their own shows in the country, and often they minimse costs with financial help of local governments. In this environment the present deal allows the Reyes Brambila Family to continue earnings from Magna ExpoMueblera and exploit synergies with its media. In addition it frees the Reyes Brambila to focus on events for consumer goods like tourism, jewellery, beauty, or gourmet topics.

(C) IIEG 2016 - Mexico's Woodworking Industry - translated B2Bioworld

The Mexican woodworking market is particularly interesting for Deutsche Messe. Recent figures by the Mexican Instituto de Información Estadística y Geográfica (IIEG) published in May show that the industry sector contributes 19.26 per cent to Mexico’s GDP in 2014. Last year the trade balance was positive with the highest result since 1999. With exports of nearly $430m (€380m; £301m) mostly to the U.S. and Canada Mexico’s woodworking industry is an attractive market.

(C) IIEG 2016 - Mexico's Furniture Industry 1999-2016 - translated B2Bioworld

IIEG figures for the State of Jalisco show that the number of manufacturers establishments increased by 12 per cent between 2009 and 2014 with 19 large companies and 64 mid-sized firms more within five years. In a press communiqué DMAG said that the acquisition gives it “a presence in Mexico to match its lineup in the USA, Canada and Brazil.” The strategy is to expand topics and grow it into a major show for investment goods in the woodworking sector, thus not only bringing foreign exhibitors via its new gateway to Mexico. Andreas Gruchow’s strategy is to build a cost-effective trade fair in a NAFTA state attractive enough to attract exhibitors from North American, but also viable for businesses in the CARICOM and MERCOSUR regions. eds.



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Deutsche Messe enters Mexican market with majority stake in Magna ExpoMueblera

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