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Not merely Great Britain or the EU decide the future

January 2019. Bertie Ahern, Ireland’s former Prime Minister and co-architect of the Belfast Peace Agreement is concerned that nationalism ruins twenty years of containing political violence and working towards reconciliation on the Irish Island. A conversation with B2Bioworld about Ireland in the EU, roles for U.S. investors, and obligations of the younger generation on each side of the border.

Northern Ireland is not the only region in Europe where citizens gambles with their well-being, security, and economic growth. The current dispute about the “backstop”, the management of the demarcation line between the UK and the EU is but the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the interview with Mr. Ahern, B2Bioworld offers an introduction into Northern Ireland’s economic exchange with the outside, the Southern Irish view of community as well as a flavour of everyday life in Northern Ireland. With no one-and-all solution, what can be done? Read about the thoughts of Bertie Ahern who engages in mediation.

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