© B2Bioworld 2018 Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Inc (1st left-hand), Wolfgang Herrmann Technical University Munich, 1st right-hand)Google to invest in science "made in Germany"

February 2018. Google and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have announced a long-term partnership. The cooperation in Munich will be based on research and innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. As a “TUM Partner of Excellence”, Google will also donate 1 million euros to the TUM University Foundation, primarily to support talented young researchers. Google is the first non-European company to become an official “Partner of Excellence” for TUM.

TUM and Google signed a master agreement for joint research projects. A key aspect of these activities will be artificial intelligence, including the promotion of innovation. UnternehmerTUM, Center for Innovation and Business Creation at TUM and Germany's leading start-up incubator, recently launched the "AppliedAI Initiative" to support founders and companies in developing and especially applying artificial intelligence. Google will invest an additional amount of around 250,000 euros in this initiative over the next three years through its Munich office in the form of direct funding, material resources and personnel.

Google is becoming a strategic technology partner for the appliedAI (aai3) initiative which is managed by UnternehmerTUM (see photo left to right: Eric Schmidt; Andreas Liebl UnternehmerTUM; Alexander Waldmann, aai3 manager; Wieland Holfelder, Google Site Lead Munich, Wolfgang Herrmann, Rector TUM). This partnership grants appliedAI access to some of the latest Google technologies, which will help drive forward the application of AI.

Sources: Google Germany / Technische Universität München

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