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May 2019. Owkin provide expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to our partners, augmenting their R&D skills so that they can leverage our services to unlock the power of AI on existing and future data. Our services include data science and technology assessments, specific target and molecule discovery projects and usage of real-world data for clinical trial optimization. We collaborate with our partners on AI-based publications.

OWKIN Socrates is our flagship technology platform, engineered to be comprehensive and easily usable by non machine learning experts to perform AI projects and deliver production level predictive models. Empowered by state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms, users can easily create predictive models and optimize drug development at every stage, from survival prognosis to target discovery, patient recruitment for clinical trials to post-market analysis. Combining algorithmic excellence with unique access to real-world data, OWKIN Socrates integrates powerful pre-trained models using proprietary privacy-preserving transfer and federated learning technologies.

Source: Owkin France SAS 

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