© SkyNRG 2019 F-16 Ffuelling Biokerosine at Leeuwarden (NL)SkyNRG: Dutch F-16 Fighting Falcons Whiz with Biofuels Mix

2019. Netherlands Air Force operates her F-16 Fighting Falcons on sustainable aviation fuel, supplied by SkyNRG, Shell Aviation and World Energy since January. The Fighters fly on a mix of conventional fuel for Falcons and 5% cooking oil which is produced by the U.S. company World Energy and supplied by SkyNRG and Shell Aviation at the airbase in Leeuwarden. This fuel mix reduces CO2 emissions with sixty to eighty percent compared to conventional fuel.  

The biofuel mix at Leeuwarden is enough for the first half of 2019. In the coming years, the Royal Netherlands Air Force aims to gradually increase the blend percentage and eventually operate all her aircraft on sustainable biofuel. In 2030, the Air Force wants to reduce dependency on fossil fuels with twenty percent, and in 2050 with no less than seventy percent.

Source: SkyNRG B.V. 

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