© Eppendorf AG 2019Eppendorf’s strategic changes are paying off: Positive first half-year 2019

August 2019. Global Eppendorf Group charted a strong first half-year in 2019 with a significant surge in Group sales to €378.5m ($419.6m; £346m) which corresponds to an organic increase in sales of 12.8% (same period 2018: €335.6m) or +8.8% in local currencies. All of the company’s market regions contributed to growth, but sales have been particularly outstanding in China (+ ca. 20%) and North America (+15%). Due to extensive investments income from operations (EBIT) slightly declined by €0.4m (prior period 2018: €67.3m) amounting to an EBIT margin of 17.6% (prior year: 20.0%).

As part of the targeted implementation of its company strategy, Eppendorf is continuing to heavily invest in new product and service solutions as well as in digitalization and new business models. This includes expansion of production capacity and infrastructure at its German sites at Hamburg, Oldenburg/Holstein, Leipzig and Jülich as well as in the United States at Enfield, CT. Construction projects represent important efforts in the company’s push for further profitable and sustainable growth. In view of these investments and assuming comparable exchange rates for 2019, the company assumes that EBIT in 2019 will remain at or around the prior-year level of €153.7 million.

Thomas Bachmann, President & CEO of Eppendorf AG explained positive half-years results with an overall favourable market environment, and the extraordinary commitment of Eppendorf’s employees worldwide which includes handling company change in addition.

Source: Eppendorf AG 

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