© Eppendorf 2020 Peter FruhstorferEppendorf acquires centrifuge business of Japanese Koki Holdings

Hamburg/Tokyo, March 2020. Eppendorf AG and Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., have reached an agreement that Eppendorf will acquire Koki’s centrifuge business, including the premium himac brand. A corresponding agreement was signed by both companies in Tokyo. The acquisition marks a targeted step by Hamburg-based Eppendorf AG to expand its core centrifuge business and solidifies its strong market position as one of the world’s leading makers of high-end centrifuges for the pharma and life science industries as well as academic and commercial research.

Koki’s “high-performance products are an ideal fit for Eppendorf's centrifuges business and high-quality standards,” said Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer, Co-CEO of the Eppendorf AG.” With this acquisition, Eppendorf will become a full-line provider of high-performance premium centrifuges on a global level, said Dr. Peter Fruhstorfer, Co-CEO of the Eppendorf AG. “This gives us access to new customer groups and offers opportunities for further growth.” “We are excited to have Eppendorf as a partner in acquiring our Centrifuge & Processing (C&P) business, which has held a first-place business track record in Japan for over 65 years,” said Atsushi Morisawa, CEO of Koki Holdings. “With Eppendorf’s investment through this acquisition, I am sure the Koki-originated C&P business will earn an extraordinary positioning in the global market. With that, Koki Holdings will strategically focus on the power tool industry to become the top brand globally.”

Source: Eppendorf AG 

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