Evotec: Longterm service contract from Medicines For Malaria Venture

August 2014. Evotec AG today announced the start of a multi-year compound management agreement between Evotec (US) Inc. and Medicines for Malaria Venture ("MMV") in the field of drug discovery for malaria and neglected diseases. In this collaboration, Evotec will leverage its compound management services to support MMV's efforts to establish, maintain and distribute vital research tools to the global malaria research community. Evotec delivers an industrialised, state-of-the-art and comprehensive compound management infrastructure to support all aspects of this collaboration.

MMV is managing two initiatives: The Malaria and the Pathogen Box. The Malaria Box contains 400 diverse molecules active against blood stage P. falciparum malaria, available free of charge on request. To date, more than 160 boxes have been despatched to 27 countries catalysing numerous drug discovery programmes. The Pathogen Box, based on a similar model to the Malaria Box, is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded in 2013. The 400 molecules currently being selected for this new box will be active not just against malaria, but against a range of neglected diseases. The Pathogen Box is expected to be available for distribution in 4Q 2015. Researchers who receive these compounds free of charge are expected to share their findings and data with the research community via a scientific publication or the publicly accessible database ChEMBL.
Source: Evotec AG 

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