(C) SMI SOFTMARK: mbl book – the electronic lab book

Easy to put into practice
Within half a day all employees understand how easy this software works. It is made for researchers to enjoy working with it.

Quality Management
can show your own set rules and standards (SOP's) and the general guidelines (GMP, GLP, GCP)

Financial advantages

  • the Mbl book makes you find research results through full-text search
  • speeds up work processes and reduces the time for new employees to get into the new job
  • predefined methods and old experiments can be used for new recordings by a mouseclick
  • easier und better planning of projects, project sections and experiments.
  • readible, clear structured documentation
  • quick professional presentation of projects ans experiments by a mouseclick, for instance for
  • contractors, shareholders, managers and partners
  • research results and method know-how can be shared within the team

Legal and official requirements when documenting laboratory experiments electronically

The recognition of lab books is not legally defined. Lab books, which contain gentechnical work have to respect additional documents or part of the legally required recordings about gentechnical work. That is why the lab book in this case has to correspond to § 3 (Form) and 4 (Storage) of the GenTAufzV http://www.elektronisches-laborbuch.de/ FAQ 1/5 1/5 (law for gentechnical recordings). Furthermore lab books should be able to link the form Z and GA in terms of content and time. Recordings of gentechnical work have to be stored in Germany depending on the security level for either 10 years (with level S1) or 30 years (as of level S2). Also more required recordings result from other areas i.e. from the Gefahrstoffverordnung (=translated dangerous material ordinance) and Biostoffverordnung (=bio material ordinance). Within the respective storage periods the recordings have to be forgery-proof, change-proof, understandable and reproducable without any change. Electronic recordings are explicitly authorised, as long as the above mentioned requirements are met.

Increase the security - Mbl Book as opposed to manual documenting
Manual lab books can theoretically get lost or can be replaced. Manual recordings can also be signed later. This is not possible wenn using the Mbl Book, as electronic experiment recordings are not changeable after conclusion of the data input. Comments to experiments are recorded with the specification of user names and dates. The security that data are not changed is already deposited here as an algorithm. The Mbl Book is password protected and user rights are set by defined rolls (i.e. administrator, projektmanager, projektresponsible and employee). A so called consistency test checks if and when an interference from outside the Mbl Book software has been attempted and informs about what changes have been made. There is not such possibility when documenting manually.

Who is using the Mbl Book already today?
A lot of laboratories active in the field of biotech research are using the Mbl Book and enjoy the comfort and the easing of their work. Universities, Start-Ups, Spin-Offs as well as private companies.

Language versions available
The program has been planned for multi language usage. Today, German and English language versions.

What does the system cost?
This is depending on the amount of users and the amount of clients (closed group of users) The price is, as we know from experience, well below the classic LIM-systems.

Source: SMI Softmark 

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