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Bring automation into your sterile tissue culture hood with ease. The shallower footprint and unique two-part design of the OT-One Hood allows it to be taken apart, slid into a standard tissue culture hood, and restacked. Now you can automate pipetting inside of your sterile hood.

Included Pipettes (Pipettes from Dragon Labs)
1x single-channel: 0.5-10μL, 20-200μL, or 200-1000μL
1x 8-channel: 0.5-10μL or 50-300μL

Software: Windows 10 and Mac OSX compatible
Labware: Use any common labware

Accuracy **

Volume: CV: 200μL < 0.2%; 100μL < 0.5%; 50μL < 0.8%
** Results based on use of a Dragon Lab p200 single channel pipette and 300μL Eppendorf epTips with water under optimized conditions.

Capacity: Up to 10 microplates. Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm x 60cm. Weight: approx 13.6kg.

Voltage: 12V, 3 Amp (max.).

Source: Opentrons Labworks 

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