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Ascent Robotics is a Tokyo-based Robotics / AI startup. We are looking for engineers and researchers with the ability to build and deploy promising ideas quickly and broadly.

Ascent’s learning architecture, Atlas, is the skeleton on which the AI training simulations work. We are developing Atlas to enable more efficient and more intelligent training of AIs for a wide variety of tasks. Incorporating our research on meta learning, we can significantly reduce the need for handcrafted code and labeled training data, as well as expensive real world testing. To support Atlas, we are developing an intuitive 3D interface for advanced teleoperation and performance monitoring, which can be operated in both virtual and augmented reality environment.

Our research team at Ascent focuses on machine learning including but not limited to deep neural models, reinforcement learning algorithms and biologically inspired models with the goal of building general purpose learning algorithms for robotic systems. Robotic Systems for the real world.

Source: Ascent Robotics, Inc. 

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